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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Siargao-Surfing Capital

Although many of Siargao tour packages offer to surf sessions for both the amateurs and the experts for both the locals and the foreigners, Siargao, in fact, has a lot more to offer than its claim to fame, world-class waves.
If you're not into surfing, or if you want to try other things other than Mindanao Siargao's main attraction, you can take a detour and try one of these activities:

• Swim with Stingless Jellyfishes

In Suhoton cave, it is possible to swim with a cloud of jellyfishes without the fear of being stung by them. It is a one-of-a-kind experience a true traveler should not miss.

• 3 Island Tour

Island hopping going around Daku, Guyam, and the Naked Island is also a great way explore Siargao.  To free them from the luxury of Siargao Resorts, they are as well encouraged to bring their private food or snacks to pair with a nice and fresh coconut juice. Each island has its own charm and beauty, and the best part is traversing them by foot, especially the Naked Island, whereby curiosity is always ignited upon reading the syllables of its name.

• Standup Paddleboarding

For a price ranging from 500-750 per trip, stand up paddle boarding is a great way of exercising while scanning the view of the ocean. Guests will also have the chance to learn how to do the sport as part of a package.

• Cloud 9 SURF-Photos and Movies

For a perfect souvenir to remember your time at Cloud 9, you won’t have to worry about who is going to miss the waves to take the photos. Kyron (just ask for his name there) does a fantastic job of filming and editing. The result will either be a premium Facebook profile photo that's worth a hundred like or an epic youtube video which has all the right to be viewed by all the surfing enthusiasts all over the globe.

• Flying Fox Restaurant

This restaurant, along with the best food in the island, has one little dark secret that makes guests keep coming back repeatedly. Nightly exodus of flying foxes makes their appearance each night like clockwork. They are actually fruit bats, but some have the nasty sounding name of P. Vampyrus with a wingspan of up to six feet. It's an everyday spectacular view from the property.

• Watching the sunrise

Many of Siargao accommodations will let you experience the best sunrise. However if you'd like, you can watch it by the bay, feeling the sand of the beaches.

Definitively, Siargao has a lot more to offer than its already internationally acclaimed surfing waves. One can find tons of other activities to do at Siargao Business Directory.

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