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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Malapascua Island

This island, also called Logon is especially by the locals is a small island located in the Visayan Sea has only 2.5 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide, with beautiful white sand beaches and eight villages. The beach is ideal for people who enjoy diving and snorkeling, as you can see seahorses, hammerhead sharks, dolphins and more.
Malapascua is a Philippine Island in the Visayan Sea. It is located about eight kilometers northeast of the island of Cebu and administratively belongs to the province of Cebu. Its length is about two km (north-south), the width is about 800 meters. Malapascua Island is a coral island with many coral sand beaches and limestone cliffs that are found mainly on the west side of the island.

The island has about 5000 inhabitants. The Barangay Logon consists of nine villages: Logon (capital), Tawigan, Pasil, Indonacion, Kaba Tangan, Bakhaw, Bool, Langob and Guimbitayan.

The population lives mainly from fishing and increasing extent on tourism. There is no significant industry on the island, but its own primary school and a high school.
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For several years, the island is increasingly exploited by tourism, there arise from year to year more beach resorts and dive schools . Especially popular are dives to nearby Gato Island, which under natural stands, with the particularity of an underwater cave and one running under the island underwater tunnels, and dives for "Sunken Iceland", where sharks (Thresher Sharks) and good luck also manta rays and hammerhead sharks observed can be.

There are at Malapascua for a short time their own small police station, the so-called "Barangay Police", which will provide on the island for safety and compliance with the law. But the nature is still not taken seriously on Malapascua. Some are due to dynamite fishing only rarely observed large schools of fish, because this addition to the coveted fish and young fish are killed. The fishermen who use the banned dynamite, but usually do not come from Malapascua of Leyte or even from Talisay, Tapilon (Cebu) and are difficult to grasp.

Due to this disturbance of the natural offspring also the livelihood of Filipinos is destroyed to a great extent. sharks and rays come increasingly rare in the waters around the island because they can not find anything to eat. In addition to the many destroyed coral reefs provide habitat to fish no more.

City Administration for Malapascua is Daanbantayan on the main island of Cebu. The journey to Malapascua Cebu City is about, then in about a four hour drive by bus (or taxi) to the northeast tip of Cebu to Maya. There you can translate with a banka (pump boat) in a half-hour ride to Malapascua. In bad weather, no translation is possible.

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