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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Pinoy Online Video Channel

First Pinoy Online Video Channel

Flippish are now officially launched


flippish \fli’-psh\ adj [fr. Filipino]
1: anything that has Filipino flavor.
2. fickle minded or indecisive
3. odd, crazy or weird.
Philippines First Online TV

So what’s

The word FLIPPISH is play on the word Filipino. It means anything that has Filipino flavor or could also mean something thats odd, crazy or weird. Because of that, our website features videos, blogs, or articles that can be associated with Filipinos or the Philippines. As a matter of fact, is the first Pinoy website to produce original online shows that are of broadcast quality. I think its about time that we Filipinos take on the challenge of coming up with online entertainment thats of international standards.
As we all know, the great thing about the internet is that its accessible to anyone in the world and for that, we can even reach the Pinoys who live or work abroad. So we invite everyone to check out our website and enjoy our videos!
Check out all our shows by going to our shows page!



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