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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine tarsier is very peculiar small animal which could be found, only in the province of Samar, Leyte, Bohol, and Mindanao. Its scientific name is Tarsius syrichta and also known as "mamag", "mago", "magau", "maomag", "malmag" and "magatilok-iok". Tarsier lives on a diet of insects and mostly active at night.

The Philippine tarsier has a gray fur and a nearly naked tail (232 mm). The middle finger is elongated. Head and body length are around 118-149 mm.

Pitcher :Rat Eating Plant

“A spectacular new species of Nepenthes L.(Nepenthaceae) pitcher plant from central Palawan, Philippines” was published in the Botanical Journal of Linnean Society in February 2009.

The pitcher plant is among the largest of all pitchers and is so big that it can catch rats as well as insects in its leafy trap.

Bonifacio High Street

The first of its kind in Philippine retail, Bonifacio High Street sets the stage for new encounters along a main street full of diverse cuisine, the latest fashions, event street performances.

Bonifacio High Street
The “Main Street” experience

Its themed zones in eight buildings along twin boulevards celebrate the modern aspects of good living - fashion, health and beauty, home, sports, technology, and special interests - anchored by a 400m x 40m-wide interactive park. The 240-hectare

E-Trike : Philippines First Electronic powered tricycle

In the city of Taguig, Taxi was replaced by eco-friendly, noise free, and efficient E-Trike. It is capable to upload from four to eight passengers. Compared with the gasoline-powered tricycle, the e-trike uses P20 worth of electricity for a whole day’s operation.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

SM MOA-Mall of Asia

The SM Mall of Asia formally opened last May 21 2006, at the Bay City in Pasay City, Metro Manila, west of Roxas Boulevard.
It is the 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia.