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Saturday, December 3, 2016

MMFF 2016 Entries and Trailers

The Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF is an annual film festival of Metro Manila. The festival is since 1975 every year from 25 December to the first week of January in major cinemas across Metro Manila and other parts of the country. The Awards Night will culminate the festival's activities on January 8, 2017.

During this important film festival only Filipino films shown in the country approved by the jury of the festival. Also, each year, prizes are awarded in various categories such as best actor, best actress and best film.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

$25,000 Film Budget into Relief Good

Casey Neistat a popular youtube filmmaker who was contacted by 20th Century Fox, because they wanted to know if he could make a promotional film to get the word out about Ben Stiller's great new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Mitty is a movie about chasing a dream and they wanted Casey to make a movie about chasing a dream.
At that time only one thing came to his mind, and that is to help the victims of the typhoon. Casey immediately replied to 20th Century Fox that the only movie he wanted to make is one where he can give away the budget to those in need.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

6 Degrees of Seperation FROM Lilia Cuntapay

At the age of 76, actress Lilia Cuntapay told she never thought she will ever be requested to an international film festival.
The movie is very inspiring. It's all about Lilia Cuntapay. She’s a bit player and is always asked to do the role of a witch or a ghost. People know her because she’s anticipated to such a role, however, she never got the recognition she deserves. Until one day, a Director decided to do a movie about her.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bourne Legacy Filming

The upcoming Hollywood Movie "The Bourne Legacy" based on Robert Ludlum's novels were filmed in different areas of the Philippines.
Bourne Legacy Filming
Scene shoots at Manila
This new story introduces us to a new hero, portrayed by Jeremy Renner whose life or death stakes have been set off by the events of the first three films titled as "The Bourne Identity", "The Bourne Supremacy", and "The Bourne Ultimatum".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Other Woman - Now On Its 3rd Week

The film "No Other Woman" has been declared as the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.This gross of Php210 million in just two weeks and still showing on its 3rd week. The TV and Movie Director, Ruel Bayani is the main man of this film. Some of his famous creations are: Mula sa Puso; Tayong Dalawa; Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and recently launched, Budoy.
Although this film received an PG-13 rating by MTRCB it was graded an "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Philippines because of moral lessons that can be grasped by audience.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cinemalaya 2011

9 films will compete in the New Breed full length feature category and 10 in the Short feature category, while 4 in the Directors Showcase.
Cinemalaya will run at two major venues, Cultural Center of the Philippines and Greenbelt Cinemas from July 16 to July 24. Do Visit for purchase and reserve tickets in advance on the 7th Cinemalaya at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas in Makati. Please do support our indie local films.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RPG Metanoia-Philippines First Full Length 3D

This coming Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF 2010 which are started on 25th of December every year will show the first full length 3D Animation in the Philippines. RPG Metanoia won't be completed through partners Thaumatrope Animation, Ambient Media and ABS CBN Star Cinema.

The story of a devoted online gamer named Nico, who is an eleven year old boy lives a normal child's life. However, when he is playing the Massively Multi-players Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG named Metanoia. He is an unexpected vagabond equipped with a magic yoyo and with remarkable speed and agility in his skill set.

Friday, July 10, 2009

IMAX Philippines

IMAX Philippines

Looking for best cinema theater in the philippines might end up you at SM Mall of Asia.
But now...