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Friday, June 24, 2016

Engelbert Humperdinck Concert Philippines

Engelbert Humperdinck, stage name of Arnold George Dorsey (Chennai, May 2 1936), is a British singer, specializing in repertoire pop and easy listening. Active since 1956, he is also a pianist and is among the artists who have sold the most records in the UK.

A friend of Elvis Presley and other famous artists such as Leland Sklar and Abraham Laboriel, has played most of his career in the United States, where several of his singles have topped the chart.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lanzones Festival Philippines 2016

The Lanzones Festival is an annual celebration of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest Island Camiguin. The town of Camiguin celebrates its third week of October, at the time of harvest fruit Lanzones.
The Lanzones is a tropical fruit found in the central-northern coast of Mindanao. The fruit is colored pale brown and the flesh is translucent. Lanzones ripen during the third week of October. The Camiguin is one of the largest sources of laziness in the Philippines, and the fruit is their main livelihood and most important industries. Said the sweetest lanzones in the Philippines comes from Camiguin.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Masskara Festival Philippines 2016

Masskara Festival is the annual celebration in the city of Bacolod in Negros Island in the Philippines. The city has held this festival every October for the past 30 years and now is without doubt one of the most attended festivals in the country. And for a country that has a festival in almost all cities for as old as hundreds of years, Masskara Festival is one success story when it comes to promotion to tourists both local and international.

The word "masskara" means "mask" and this explains the festival's distinct characteristic - dancers wearing smiling masks adorned with beads and other ornaments. Philippine festivals would be nothing if it does not involve street dancing and partying and the festival's highlight is its street dancing that happens on a weekend closest to October 19 which is the foundation day of the town.